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Jeff Paul is one of the most successful, REAL direct marketers out there; who has sold over $30,000,000 (that is MILLION) worth of products directly, including thousands of $6,000 sets of golf clubs… and whose clients have sold HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of products and services with his advice and secret methods, he uses both online and off-line.

Willie Crawford is a true rags to riches story, and one the the real good guys in the Internet marketing field. Known as a joint venture pro, a pay-per-click mastermind, one of the busiest super-affiliates in the field, and the host of his own Internet Marketing "How-To" Workshop, he's an easy guy to find. Although many of the big name marketers of his status tend to pull away from the newer marketer, Willie embraces all.


Gary Huynh
is known for taking the knowledge of internet marketing gurus and synthesizing their techniques into new and unique ways of marketing. He's the creator or author of and, two powerful solutions that can skyrocket anyone's profits with resale rights. Gary runs where he provides honest and thorough reviews of internet marketing .


Rosalind Gardner, earns 100% of her income from the Internet. Between January 1998 and June 2003, she did business online by promoting ONLY affiliate programs. When she quit her day job in 2000, her sites were raking in $30,000 to 50,000 US dollars EACH and EVERY month. Last year she earned $436,797, by affiliating with Internet merchants. Her affiliate sites have been very lucrative and also successful.


Mike Filsaime
started online marketing in August of 2002. He is always looking for that edge to take himself and his projects to the next level. His first purchase was a product called Instant Internet Empires. It taught him how to get started and was real good for the newbie. He is a student of "How To" books and self improvement. Mike now makes over $30,000 per month online. Mike has made as much as $34,000 in one day and as high as $100,000 just in October of 2004.

Len Thurmond, is the Editor of 'The Affiliate Review' a free newsletter dedicated to honestly critiquing online business opportunities, marketing strategies, Ebooks, Technology and More. Len Thurmond is also co-creator of the Traffic-On-Steriods Software and author of the AutoWebLaw.

Michael Green has created over 16 toolkit products and these are marketed and sold worldwide via the internet. He has achieved a constant Top #10 position in the much coveted ClickBank Marketplace, which lists literally tens-of-thousands of other online products, so the chances are that by the time you've finished reading his he will have made yet more internet-based sales!

Gary Ambrose is the Internet marketing "Ace". He stumbled into Internet marketing back in 1998 with the help of his wife Jennifer, and after achieving almost instant success, they never looked back.Gary has had multiple days of 6 figure sales of his own products, built opt-in lists of 300,000+, and has worked with many of the biggest names in Internet marketing today. Gary has a background in programming and web design.

Leon Klepfish is a very successful internet marketer, who has over the past couple of years developed amazing viral systems that are changing the way people have used viral systems.He is the genious behind the ThankYouAds system which allows internet marketers to usethe often wasted space on the thank you page to produce more sales,

John Delavera is the mastermind behind The Internet Company® (TIC), a relatively new company in the Internet Marketing area. He's well-known for creating innovative inventions and products and is an expert resale rights and viral marketer.Some of John's unique products include "Turbo Referer", "Special Offer Manager" and "JV Manager". He's also the creator of "Best Free Ebook" and "Best Seller Ebook", two products taking the resale rights industry by storm!

Lonnie Amirault is unique! Bilingual English and French. He has acquired a Library of Information worth more than $25 ,500.00! He has become good friends with many Successful Internet Marketers. He has been marketing online since September 2001, but has quickly since then positioned himself as a highly recognized and respected online marketing .He has read every motivation Book, Video and Audio Tapes from Anthony Robbins to Zig Ziglar.

Pawan Agrawal
is from Nepal. You probably have heard of this country because of Mount Everest. Because of his passion for computer, he always dreamed of choosing a field where he will be using computer all day and not having to work for anyone else.That's how he discovered online marketing while searching for dream field and started learning more and more about it.

Alex Sampson has 'only' been actively marketing online since September 2001, but has quickly since then positioned himself as a highly recognized and respected online marketing personality, with successful businesses both inside and outside of the Internet marketing niche.He is proof that the Internet is the perfect 'anyway' business, as he and his wife run their full time Internet businesses from the comfort of their home - Where they continue to generate 5 figure monthly incomes with relative ease.

Yanik Silver is a top copywriter (who currently charges a minimum of $1,500.00 per copywriting project - and that's for the really small jobs ...) and the author of several marketing and practice building books.He has been making money hand-over-fist on the Internet. In his first 6 ½ months, going at it haphazardly, he banked $51,351.94, working just part-time out of the corner of his living room.

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